Choosing the Right Hazardous Goods Transporter

September 14, 2020


When transporting hazardous goods, it’s critical to ensure that you use a transport company fully compliant with the necessary regulations and licences, to keep any potential risks to a minimum.  Transporting hazardous substances across the country, Blue Bear Transport is one such company.  Whilst hazardous goods are not always dangerous per se, they may contain harmful substances to people and/or the environment.  It is for this reason, any logistics company you choose to use must fulfil certain safety criteria.

Risk Assessment

The transportation process includes assessing the risks involved.  For example, threat of damage in transit, leaks, loss, fire or theft.  Additionally, once the risks have been identified, the goods then need to be classified.  Classifications laid down by the UN are based on the specific risks the goods may pose.  For instance, explosives, gases, flammable solids and flammable liquids.  Other examples also include corrosive substances and toxic substances.  A fully licensed transport company will arrange the necessary classification, together with the appropriate packaging.


Transporting hazardous goods by road in the UK is regulated by the European ADR regulations and drivers need to hold the necessary ADR certification.  As such, safety equipment such as fire extinguishers must be carried by the vehicles concerned, all of which must be ADR compliant.  In addition, regulations determine that all drivers must have suitable Department of Transport approved training and hold an up to date ADR licence, refreshed every five years.

Best Practice

Hauliers such as Blue Bear Transport ensure that best practice is followed when transporting hazardous goods.  For instance, they ensure the appropriate vehicle is used with regard to which products are being carried.  Similarly, they ensure that all loads are secure, can’t move around in transit and are evenly distributed.  Procedure also dictates that the necessary precautionary notices are displayed, using the standard diamond shaped hazard label.  Whilst best practice includes carrying the appropriate spill kits, drivers’ training also ensures that those responsible for the vehicles know the necessary actions to take should accidents occur.

Safe and Secure Deliveries

We have dedicated vehicles located throughout the UK, who are able to collect within 60 minutes and deliver to any location.

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