DSGA Support is Now Mandatory

July 26, 2023
DSGA Support is Now Mandatory

DSGA Support is Now Mandatory

Working with hazardous materials can pose serious risks. For this reason, it is subject to thorough and comprehensive regulations. These regulations are notoriously challenging to navigate and difficult to understand. This is why we have our own in house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor to ensure everyones’ safety and full compliance with your consignments. Having DGSA support is now a mandatory requirement for all in the supply chain, from manufacturer / wholesaler to consignor and consignee as well as any other parties in between. Not having a DGSA whilst being involved with dangerous goods is an offence, a breach that is regarded as serious. In 2020 HSE’s conviction rate for dangerous goods offences was 94%. Prosecutions led to fines of £16.7 million with an average penalty of £19,000 per offence.

Read out blog post for more information on this regulation.

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